Create .NET Core Application And Deploy it to Raspberry Pi / ARM Device / Linux


  • Raspberry / ARM Device / Linux Device
  • SSH access to device / for deployment purposes
  • .NET SDK installed on Windows/Linux/Mac – where App will be developed
  • Windows Command Line SSH


  • IDE / Visual Studio Code / Visual Studio

1. Create .NET Core application using command line / or Visual Studio

Command Line / Visual Studio Code

dotnet new console -o DotNet.RaspberryPi.App1

2. Build / Publish using Command Line

dotnet publish -c Release -r linux-arm

3. Deploy to Raspberry Pi device / Linux ARM Device

We will move / copy files to destination (ARM device) using SCP command, which stand for Secure Copy. Replace parameters to meet your needs.

  • Source Path / Folder
  • Destination Path / Folder
  • IP Address



scp -r ./bin/Release/netcoreapp2.1/linux-arm root@


4. Run the App on the Device

First you’ll need to change permissions on executable ARM/Linux file by using chmod command. Also, move to publish directory where file is located.

This steps should be done on the device over SSH or direct connection. Connect to device using SSH command line command(alternative is Putty), Linux has command included by default.

IP address of the device can be found using:

  • nmap (nmap <IP-ADDRESS:RANGE-FROM>:<IP-ADDRESS:RANGE-TO>, example: nmap or
  • you can go to your router and list devices. Router IP can be found using
    • ipconfig command line (Windows) or
    • ifconfig (Linux). Look for default gateway.

When you have all the parameters that you need, you can continue to executing the command below:

#connecting to the remote device

cd /home/<USER>/apps/bin/Release/netcoreapp2.1/linux-arm/publish
#changing directory to publish folder

sudo chmod +x <AppName>
# change execution permissions on application

#run application

Source Code


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