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Experience With Screen Replacement Steps For LG G3

It’s a while ago since I’ve smashed my screen on LG G3. I’ve decided to replace it on my own even though this meant I’ll lose official warranty provided by LG. I’ve asked official phone repair providers for their repair service but price and time required to do something so simple as this is ridiculous. This will be just a quick wrap of what I’ve needed and where I’ve got it – maybe someone will come across this and found it helpful.

All the steps provided in a YouTube video by How2Tech Channel are spot on and perfectly shown.

LG G3 Complete Disassembly – Screen replacement

The differences and What I’ve needed/used:

  • LG G3 Screen
    • found on Amazon (delivered with Prime next day) – it should have come with Tool Kit included but it didn’t!
  • Tool Kit for iPhone
  • Heater / Hair dryer
    • something that I’m sure you already have at home
  • Double Sided Tape + Scissors
    • just found one in a local store – extremely strong

Overall it took me about 2h to do this. Keep in mind I was really careful with every step that I took.

IMG_20150822_133117 IMG_20150822_123547 IMG_20150822_072419 20150822_155002_HDR